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Have you ever asked these questions?

  • “How do I find out if I live near a hazardous waste disposal site?”
  • “Are there registered sex offenders in my neighborhood?”
  • “Will my new home have Chinese drywall or asbestos or be on a earthquake fault line?”

KnowItALL® does the research for you!

Environmental issues as well as health and safety concerns are present in any neighborhood.  These issues can impact the health and safety of our families as well as deflate the value of our homes and residential or commercial real estate investments.

  • Potential home buyers need to do their research to know about these environmental issues and safety concerns prior to purchase to verify and maintain their house value.
  • Home buyers and renters need to know if there is a sex offender in their neighborhood, building or near their daughter's college school dorm. 
  • Real estate developers investing in commercial real estate should do their "due diligence" research and verify that the real estate development they are planning is not located on an abandoned landfill, earthquake fault line, mining landfill or next door to a hazardous waste cleanup site or other source of toxic waste.
  • Real estate brokers can offer a value added service to help close the deal or be proactive and know all of the potential issues within their neighborhoods to prepare for any potential objections.
  • Commercial real estate investing groups or individuals shouldn’t rely solely on the appraisers and assessors for the real estate analysis.  They need to look at a variety of additional factors such as local earthquake fault line maps, US EPA Superfund site locations, hazardous waste cleanup issues and any relevant neighborhood environmental issues.

Whether you are a real estate developer, property manager, are interested in investing in commercial real estate, or a home buyer looking for a report on your potential new neighborhood, KnowItALL® can help you beyond what the public records for real estate can tell you.

Sample Report:

EnviroHome, Inc.'s KnowItALL® database and program will provide you with the information you need about your home environment, neighborhood, and local area that may impact your health, home value, or present a safety risk to you and your family. 

The EnviroHome, Inc. KnowItALL® database/program includes information collected over the past 25 years and includes data from hundreds of state and federal governmental agencies including the EPA, CDC, NRC, DHS, DOD, DOE, and State and local police departments.  We also collect information concerning earthquake fault line maps, USEPA Superfund sites, hazardous waste treatment facilities, registered sex offenders, neighborhood crime, neighborhood nuclear power plants, environmental issues, air pollution, and volcanoes, just to name a few.  This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions on where to buy, build, or develop, and about the health and safety of your family, tenants or employees. 

EnviroHome Inc.’s technicians will research your home or business address and the surrounding area.  The KnowItALL® investigation report will identify the concerns present within your area and provide a summary of the proximity and risk to your location.

KnowItALL® research is especially important for home buyers.  You need to know what hidden concerns may impact the home value of the property you are considering purchasing.  From sex offenders to cancer clusters and hazardous waste sites, from air pollution sources to dump sites, you need to know what is in your environment and what may impact your health and degrade your home value before you buy.  Don't make the mistake of buying someone else's problem home.

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Just click on the link to get started.  Fill out the form and submit.  A member of our team will acknowledge receipt of your request within 24 hours and will contact you to obtain your confidential payment information.  We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.  Your complete report will be emailed to you within 2 business days. 

KnowItALL® offers 3 options for your report:
Option 1. Your Site plus all sites and concerns within a one and a half (1.5) mile radius for only $85.00
Option 2. Your Site plus all sites and concerns within a five (5) mile radius for only $125.00
Option 3. Your Site plus all sites and concerns within a five (5) mile radius
     tax and comparables information (if available): for $225.00

Program algorithms which take into account distance and hazard probability are run to provide a risk detailed assessment.  The final report will include a written commentary about the identified concerns and the level of hazard/risk they present. 

Your real estate research will include identification of the following and many more details about the site and area surrounding the site:

Environmental Sites and Concerns

  • US EPA Superfund Sites, CERCLA and RCTA contamination sites
  • Leaking Underground Fuel Tanks
  • Toxic Waste Releases and other environmental issues
  • Landfills, dumps, mining landfills
  • Identified or suspected cancer clusters
  • Groundwater contamination sites
  • Air pollution source facilities
  • Radiation source facilities and concerns
  • Miscellaneous (spill sources, etc.) contamination

Health and Safety Concerns

  • Private well groundwater contamination
  • Radon source problem areas
  • Special noise concerns (airports, railroad lines, etc.)
  • Nuclear power plants, electrical transmission lines (EMF sources)
  • Unexploded ordnance concerns (bombing ranges. etc.)
  • Special insurance requirements (flood zone, high wind zones, etc.)
  • Geologic concerns - fault zones, volcanoes, earthquake maps
  • Registered sex offenders and neighborhood crime zones
  • Lead based paint - based on age of building
  • Chinese Drywall - based on age of building
  • Asbestos - based on age of building

Neighborhood Community Services

  • Police
  • Fire/EMT
  • Hospitals
  • Parks

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